5 responses to “Links

  1. hello,

    my name is Andy. You have a link to my site on here. Thank you.

    looking through these pages gave me the feeling of a nice, slow day out in a small town. Thanks again.

    very best,


  2. Hi Simon,

    I saw your Twitter comment about nuclear power and thought you may be interested in our film project – we are making 13 short films about nuclear power. You can see them on-line at

    Hope you enjoy them, let us know what you think.


  3. Stephen Rolfe

    Looe is on a branch line from Liskeard. You DO have to change there as there are no through trains from ANYWHERE. We went last June and there was only one charity shop open, but the hit of the day was riding in a glass-bottomed boat around St George’s Island

  4. jessica brown

    Hi Im really interested in the idea of Charity Shop tourism, Im doing a tourism management degree and am thinking of ideas for my dissertation im just wondering if you know of any books about the Charity shop/vintage tourism concept

    Many thanks


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