Chingford, by -AX-, under Creative Commons. Click for -AX-s photostream.

Chingford, by -AX-, under Creative Commons. Click for -AX-'s photostream.

The role call of Chingford’s notables is impressive in an awful kind of way. Starting well with Leslie Phillips, it quickly descends from David Beckham, to Teddy Sheringham, to Samantha Fox, to Daniella Westbrook, to Blazin’ Squad. It’s redolent of the character of the place – situated on London’s very edge and bordering Epping Forest, Chingford should by rights be a classy-ish, monied ‘burb, a la Loughton or Woodford. And parts of it fit into that category, with Station Road extending off into the Forest past restaurants that spill onto the gazebo-covered pavement, and olde buildings and the station. But the bulk of Chingford centres around Chingford Mount Road and Hall Lane, less affluent in appearance at least, and generally deeply tacky.


The appearance of four charity shops does little to bypass the hordes of loud women, their screeching reminding us that though this is Greater London, though this has an E postcode, Chingford is Essex through and through, and no region plays to its stereotypes more than Essex. We’ve three chain stores here, Barnardo’s, Cancer Research and Sense doing little more than average. The one to look out for is the Haven House shop, which aside from its bizarre one way system of navigation (all baskets of produce on the floor like stacked tyres at a racetrack) has a decent enough pile of odds and ends, and books stacked several deep at points.

I find little to recommend in this part of Chingford, and while the northern part of the area seems more pleasant, situated in close proximity to Connaught Water and the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge, Chingford proper is just… grim.

Find: Chingford @ Google Maps
Transport: Chingford Station is actually a trek from the main bit, so there’s little alternative but buses
Consume with: Um, Greggs?
Visit: Head out to the forest would be the best bet.
Overall Rating: two egg slicers




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3 responses to “Chingford

  1. jason

    yes, understand the bit about loud girls, and a few chavs hangin about by the shops, yeah, not much up there, budgens very expensive, and newsagent charges 96p!!! for a tin of Diet Coke – Outrageous!

    North Chingford may not be great, but South Chingford is nothing but take away shops – now that’s depressing!

  2. Thom Goddard

    From your review it seems you didn’t actually go to Chingford.

    You completely missed Sue Ryder Care, the Childen’s Society, Heal Cancer Charity, Oxfam and Barnardo’s.

    And the bars and restaurants in Chingford, like The Room, Godot’s, E4 Fusion and La Baita del Piero, have people flocking from Epping and Loughton all the time.

    These restaurants are why Chingford high street is filled with Bentleys and Ferraris.

    And the charity shops are some of the best in East London.

  3. ohsimone

    Either I was looking in the wrong place or these have cropped up since last I passed through; when I was there those shops were the only ones I was able to visit. I haven’t had the chance to stop in North Chingford for the shops, but I head through often enough and have yet to see a high street crammed with Bentleys…

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