Chalfont St Peter


Car Park Flood, from timo_w2s photostream under Creative Commons. Click pic for link.

Car Park Flood, from timo_w2's photostream under Creative Commons. Click pic for link.

What goes into the making of a “best kept village”? Not a great deal, if Chalfont St Peter is anything to go by. Instead, it’s noted as being possibly the largest village in the south-east (with 13,000) residents but, being in the heart of commuter country, this doesn’t prove much about the village itself. Whereas most ‘picturesque’ English villages have some degree of beauty, there’s little about CStP that would merit that term. 


The place isn’t particularly ugly, although a shop/office development around a central car park (replacing Georgian shops in the sixties) doesn’t help matters. In fact, head on out of the village towards Gold Hill Common and you have a very pleasant, undulating village green. But aside from the remaining Georgian storefronts and a very English country church, there’s little to commend Chalfont St Peter, aesthetically.

This blog’s raison d’être fare little better too. A decent looking British Red Cross closed at 12:30, and the usually quality Shaw Trust offered nothing of interest. Barnado’s was a good shop – a large, light and airy offering with some good clothes – not rock-bottom prices, but not far off. A back room filled with books and cds was well worth a peruse, but offered little worth purchasing.

So: nice countryside, shame about the village. Not too impressed with this Chiltern outpost, and I can’t see how it justifies its reputation as the place to live for the monied set. Doesn’t hold much attraction for this tourist.

Find: Chalfont St Peter @ Google Maps
Transport: Gerrards Cross is the nearest station
Consume with: there’s a couple of reasonable looking cafes and pubs, but we were there for but a short time, so I can’t offer opinions.
Visit: Gold Hill Common, above the village, is a lovely, high spot, good for yomping around on a windy day.
Overall Rating: two sad egg timers


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