Southgate Station, by markhillary, click pic for link.

We’re entering Amy Winehouse country here. That is, not only was the ironically-appropriate Rehab star born in Southgate, but everybody here looks a little like her, given the strong mixture of Cypriot and Jewish families around here. Southgate manages to be a bit aesthetically unappealing on some levels, but actually, not all that bad in many other ways.

Historically, Southgate is the gateway to the Enfield Chase hunting grounds, and today it remains right on the cusp of Enfield Town and borough, pointing in one direction to the monied terraces of Winchmore Hill, in another to the more middle class (and even more Cypriot) enclaves of Palmers Green and Arnos Grove; in another to Enfield Town and in another to the suburban, peripheral town/country hybrids of Oakwood and Cockfosters.

As such, it’s become quite the little town centre, with an impressive Charles Holden station, an M&S and a humungous Asda, and quite the row of amenities on Chase Side. It’s also home, therefore to several charity shops, in which we are interested.

The prevailing mood in Southgate is one of large quantities of bric-a-brac (or tat, as it’s known around these parts) and romantic/thriller novels – pulp fiction, little literary merit, you know the sort of thing. Therefore it’s not often that you’ll come away with a genuine haul, but you can pick up the odd bargain here. The Oxfam has unearthed some useful books and CDs in its time, and Cancer Research has provided more than a few clothes bargains. Watch out for Norwood – as in Golders Green, you’ll find this closed on a Saturday.

While Southgate itself is, in many ways non-descript, it’s a nice place to live near – convenient for certain things, and with a free supermarket car park which means you can dash round the charity shops before doing your weekly shop.

Some local bloggers to Southgate include… Steve Lawson; Underground Gal; and Weird Hippy.

Find: Southgate at Google Maps
Transport: Southgate tube, Piccadilly line
Consume with: pepperoni pizza bagel from Mr Bagel – only 75p, back in the day.
Visit: Any of the heirarchy of South Enfield borough parks: cheap, Arnos Park; medium: Broomfield Park; posh: Grovelands Park.
Overall rating: three novelty money boxes

EDIT: 27/2/13 for clarity, see comments…



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3 responses to “Southgate

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  2. GC

    Like your blog generally, but this old entry sounds a bit racist. “With a strong mixture of Cypriot and Jewish families around here, Southgate manages to be generally unappealing on some levels, and actually, not all that bad on others.” – ?

    • ohsimone

      Hmm, that hadn’t registered at all. That’s entirely not what I meant of course, so thanks for pointing it out – I’ve edited for clarification.

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