New River Sports Centre flea market

The nearest nice picture I could find - sky scratches, by Gemma Davies

A special dispatch today, just a quick one. We’re all bargain-lovers here, and we won’t discriminate when a bargain is found from a non-charitable source. I talk of flea markets. When I think of a flea market I first conjure up images of a North African bazaar, or a Turkish spice market, or somewhere else where I can buy carpet. In reality though, the British form of said market is the tattiest end of the spectrum. We’re not talking Broadway Market here with it’s fancy pitta breads and art. We’re not talking the all-organic Stokey Farmers’ Market, or Portobello Road’s high end bric-a-brac.

We’re talking broken stereos and boxes of remote controls; cracked porcelain, jumbo bags of out-of-date sweets, slightly rusted bikes; we’re not talking oyster mushroom and parmesan sandwich, we’re talking builders strength brew and a bacon and egg sandwich.

Nonetheless: a bargain may be found. On this trip, the CD shopping was well worth it, and we came away with the James best of, Sons & Daughters’ Love the Cup, and 2 Gomez albums (not for me, I hasten to add). Also some leeks. Fridays only, come early.

Find: Flea Market at Charity Shop Tourism
Bus W3 stops not far from the park.
Consume with: bacon butty from the van
Visit: It’s hard to find anywhere worthy of recommendation here, but there’s worse than Woodside Park around.
Overall rating:
2 broken TVs.