Whitton High Street, Creative Commons from satgurus photostream

Whitton High Street, Creative Commons from satguru’s photostream

So what do you think of when you hear the name Whitton? Exactly, you’ve never heard of it either. Whitton came up on a Google category map search for Twickenham, and as soon as I clocked ‘furniture charity shop’ I was confident it would be worth at least a fleeting visit. It was therefore scheduled in as a first stop on our epic 22-charity-shop whirlwind day, and turned out to be well worth it.

Benefit the first: 20p per half-an-hour parking. This is almost approaching what I was paying in Croatia for bargain value, and – I think – unheard of elsewhere in the Smoke. It enabled us to take a breather, grab a coffee and biscuity cake, which is always nice.

Benefit the second: not only is there a Fara furniture shop, there’s actually two Fara furniture shops, just a few doors from each other. While neither is huge, both are rammed full of sofas, nests of tables, sideboards, CD racks, you name it. When I consider setting up a home, this is going to be a great source for a large, boys version of a bottom drawer.

Benefit the third: looking even further into the future (a little terrifyingly), there’s also a Shooting Stars charity shop; that is, specifically, and solely, childrens’ things. Now why on earth this sort of charity shop isn’t more common, I just don’t know – nippers grow so fast that clothes must go to waste all the time.

Benefit the fourth: the other charity shops here are good as well. Besides a decent Cancer Research (*squeezes fingers to almost touching* I was this close to buying a proper city boy overcoat), there’s a Children’s Society and a rambling, bizarre local appeal, Whitton’s Wishes, which is just plain fun and lovely.

Benefit the fifth: not only has it a cheap car park, but the A316 is right next door, the railway station is close at hand, and if you get bored, there’s the hulking behemoth of Twickenham Stadium looming not five minutes walking distance. I’m off to see the Sevens – I may have to tie in a visit to the shops.

Find: Whitton on Google Maps
Transport: Whitton station, on South West Trains
Consume with: some of the tasty looking rotisserie chicken from the Salvatore Deli
Visit: World Rugby Museum at Twickenham Stadium
Overall rating: four nests of tables


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