Richmond Bridge, by Jim Linwood

Richmond Bridge, by Jim Linwood

Richmond is money. We’re not quite talking money in the Swingers sense, we’re talking old money: big houses, winding streets, humungous walled parks, boutique charity shops, the lot. This is good, and makes for extensive bargain-hunting potential. Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today, and though they’re giving none away (especially Oxfam…), still we have goodies.

First stop for us is Marie Curie, on Sheen Road. Here I was able to add to my already extensive secondhand jacket collection with a nice tweed Oscar Jacobson number (a gentleman should have at least a jacket for every day of the week, according to Etiquette For Men, purchased not a day ago from Enfield Town), and nearly spent a fractional amount on a ninety quid pair of jeans – alas, my waist did not fit the trousers. I blame the trousers. A nice compact shop, with some artwork for sale and a completely barking salesman, a la Cancer Reseach in Muswell Hill.

Also grouped around the central sections of George Street are a decent Oxfam, and a new one on me, Octavia – a boutique-y kind of arrangement, with some funny looking gift items on sale, and a sprawling collection of classic Britpop. While you’re this side of the river, you can check out the big shops – there’s a John Lewis up here, as well as Marks and Waterstones etc. It’s always ridiculously busy, but fairly pleasant all the same – you can find some treasures tucked off the side. I recommend W & A Houben Booksellers and the cute paper/stationery shop on Sheen Street.

Head over now to the small but packed Cancer Research on the corner of Water Lane, then head up the hill and down to the river and over the bridge for the full Richmond experience. It’s genteel, it’s classy and fancy, and you could see yourself in the countryside for the loveliness of the river view. On the other side you’ll find a further collection of charity shops, including a pretty decent Fara; a stuffed-with-tat Princess Alice Hospice; and a Notting Hill Trust store.

A goodly collection you’ll no doubt agree, and a perfectly lovely way to spend an autumn afternoon. Don’t forget to head off to Richmond Park for some deer spotting – make your way there up Friars Stile Road and you’ll be rewarded with one of the finest views in the whole city.

Find: Richmond @ Google Maps
Transport: Richmond stationDistrict line and London Overground
Consume with: a nice cup of coffee from the tellingly-named Cafe Rich, or the Cedar.
Visit: Richmond Park – it has walls, deer and bracken by the country mile, what more could you wish for?
Overall rating: four chelsea boots


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