News (warm and fuzzy edition)


Picture of Wood Green from my photostream

Picture of Wood Green from my photostream

A slightly special dispatch this one, as my charity shop endeavours have been somewhat limited of late. FAITH is located on Wolves Lane, Wood Green, London and is a charity shop.. sort of. It’s really a volunteer-run nursery, staffed by people with learning difficulties as a means of introducing them back to the place of work.


As a result, it’s a beneficial thing to pretty much everybody – and that definitely includes the concerted charity shopper. For who doesn’t like to have a flowery garden?

FAITH however, it needs support – it’s charitable patron pulled out and it’s being funded in the short term by Haringey Council, but it needs a long term plan. The best thing to do would be to get down there and support so go on, shoo! What are you waiting for?

Also in the news, Matthew Baynes, 77 and Joan Radcliffe, 74 have found love by volunteering together at the St Ann’s shop in Stockport. Told you it was a warm and fuzzy kind of day, didn’t I?


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