from simonj0023s photostream

from simonj0023’s photostream

We approached Highgate with a certain amount of expectation. From Highgate Hill, it was said, you could hear London in the middle ages, and it was from here that the bells of London called Dick Whittington to turn again, to be thrice mayor of London. The place oozes history, whether you see it as an ancient coaching stop, a village amongst royal woodlands, or the home of the bodies of the well-to-do. The ‘village’s active conservation society does much to keep the area’s olde feel and the high pavements, the square, the rambling, steep little lanes, all contribute no end.

We approached Highgate then in somewhat the same manner as one would approach a wealthy enclave such as Epping. However, whereas the latter is a bit new money thus rendering its charity shops full and affordable, Highgate is very much old money. As such, scratching around for a bargain becomes that much less fruitful, and this time, possibly more than any other vist to Highgate, was a particularly fruitless experience.

The problem with the charity shops in Highgate is an old chestnut: they know how to price things. It’s always true in an Oxfam shop, and increasingly so elsewhere – the best bargains are picked up in shops run by complete amateurs with no connection to the outside world. Here, on the other hand, you might find an interesting selection (I have in the past; not so much today), but you’ll pay through the nose. So my Highgate Haul was pretty disappointing.

Aside from my companion’s Einstein grouping, I returned with:

The latter is bound to be interesting, given my recent interest in philosophy, and we’ll see about the former. I’m not that enthusiastic at this visit to the Village then: though it’s a beautiful place, and there’s several (let’s see, 4?) theoretically decent charity shops, it’s not the best.
Find: Highgate on Google Maps
Transport: Highgate station on the Misery Line, or buses to Highgate Village
Consume with: medium cappucino and some sort of chocolate twisty thing, Costa, Highgate Hill
Visit: Highgate Cemetery
Overall rating: two rice bowls


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